Fuckerman: Copbang [v 0.1] [Restart]

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Rates: 406 Fuckerman copbang

Played: 269193
Tags: 3D Action Adventure Anal Sex Bambook Best Porn Games in 2024 Big Dicks Big Tits Blondes Blow Job Bondage Boobjob Brunettes Cartoons Criminal Cumshot Cunnilingus Erotic Games Fetish Free Games Games Group Sex Handjob Hardcore Porn Heroes High Resolution Interracial Sex Lesbians LGBTQ+ Logical Masturbation MILF Oral Sex Over 18 Parodies Perversion Platformers Point and Click Police Public Sex Puzzle Quests Recommended Sex Sexy Ass Sexy Babes Strip Tactics Toys Uncensored XXX Games [change]

Description: Another new Fuckerman release and this one finds him stuck in the police department looking to free himself and his prostitute girlfriend from the cell. However, breaking out will not be easy, as you must follow all the rules and locate the required items to finish the task. Luckily, you can have sex with all of the busty girls that you interact with along the way. You can use W A S D to move around, E for action, and use the mouse to drag items on corresponding objects. Much like Superman, it seems nothing can stop our favorite paper-headed pervert from having sex, not even a jail cell. Play on and see just how far this sex hero gets when faced with gun-holding hotties.
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  • br Timmaianm @ 2024-06-14 02:46:53 (+7)

    This game was much inferior compared to others, the only thing that would make it better is to add FUTAs and exclude the fat girls

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  • ph V1p3r @ 2024-06-13 05:54:00 (+6)

    We need mobile version right now

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  • eg Nickname @ 2024-06-13 20:08:33 (+4)

    V1p3r, agree im waiting for mobile version too

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  • us Nickname @ 2024-06-16 13:19:52

    V1p3r, we don't even need more of these shitty fuckerman games.

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  • us Bootybandit10 @ 2024-06-11 07:54:46 (+8)

    Guys i can't get out the chair what am i supposed to do i've clicked everything at this point

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  • br PIZZINATO @ 2024-06-10 21:43:25 (+2)


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  • lc DD @ 2024-06-10 19:01:34 (+2)

    Playing with M: Go through out the room with the black haired cop. Talk to the girl in the cell. Go through the double doors and to the door where you will find the cop eating the donut. Talk to her. Get the key on the box. Go out of the room and open the gate with the key. Go down the stairs and talk to the girl in the cell. Take the coffee capsule on the table. Go back to the waiting area and to the the chief's office near the exit door. Pick up the coffee cup from the trash.

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  • lc DD @ 2024-06-10 19:18:04

    Take to the chief. Go back to the waiting area. Put the coffee cup and capsule in the coffee machine. Go back to the donut cot give her the coffee. Have fun ;) Coffee will spill and disable the cameras. Check on prisoner downstairs. Chief and her will be fucking. Take the dildo. Go back to chief office. Take papers on the desk. open her drawer. Take the key. Put dildo in the recess in the wall. Go down the stairs. Take sticky note on pipe. Pull the lever.

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  • lc DD @ 2024-06-10 19:20:11

    Go back downstairs. Open the green door. use sticky note to open the safe. Take the gun. Go back to the black haired cop. Have fun ;) She'll give a key and card. go back down stairs unlock the gate with the key card. Have fun ;) Take the key on the floor near the prisoner. Go to the waiting area. Unlock the gate. Give the paper to the girl. Have fun ;)

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  • fi roma @ 2024-06-10 10:53:52

    что делать, менять темный экран, и ничего не видно, кроме игрока?

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  • it sirgb @ 2024-06-09 22:37:39 (+1)

    use the green door near the cell in the safe you find the gun

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  • hn anonimous @ 2024-06-08 14:34:48 (+18)

    Walkthrough First go out of the room then go to the last room and enter talk to the woman and then take the empy coffee cup is in the garbage and go to the coffee machine an put the cup now you need to go to the big door that is near the girl that we fuck and go stright and enter and talk to the woman in a box their are a key so take it an go to the door of iron the put the key enter and go down now you can take the coffe capsule and you can go the coffee machine and put the capsule, now take

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  • us al @ 2024-06-08 02:36:14

    I'm stuck with the magazine and how do I get girl out jail cell I did all rest but magazine and hooker in jail cell help please

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  • us TittyFiend @ 2024-06-08 07:19:21

    theres a key next to the redhead after you fuck them

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  • jp noname @ 2024-06-08 02:03:20 (+1)

    How are things?

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  • br wandson @ 2024-06-07 20:08:13

    como passa da maquina de cafe ?

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  • co arros @ 2024-06-07 20:38:49

    wandson, with the key you open the green door and there is a safe, you put the paper on the safe and that will give you the gun

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  • ch Perz @ 2024-06-07 17:25:49 (+1)

    im stuck with paper, is there nothing in the side room in the basement? i cant let cop out of cell

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  • de ada @ 2024-06-07 19:22:30

    Perz, how did zou do it?

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  • gb Nick name @ 2024-06-07 21:28:56 (+2)

    There's a dildo by the cop and prisoner going at it in a cell, you can pick that up and use it in the recess on the wall in the office

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  • dk john doe @ 2024-06-07 15:12:02 (+7)

    how do i get further when i have fucked the two women in the basment?

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  • ro someone @ 2024-06-07 14:06:03 (+2)

    I cant find the gun and Idk how to make the coffee

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  • ie Cianureeves @ 2024-06-07 17:47:49 (+1)

    someone, the coffee cup is in the sherriff room far left and the coffe capsules are downstairs. theres a key in the sherriff drawer which opens a second door once you get downstairs (after destroying the cameras with coffee)

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  • fr Jass @ 2024-06-07 12:31:03 (+2)

    Am interested for this game

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  • de Any @ 2024-06-07 09:09:10

    So we dont help the girl in the prison cell and rape her aswell? Awful ...

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  • ir 3in4 @ 2024-06-04 17:55:08

    Pls For Android..

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  • us dude @ 2024-06-04 02:55:34 (+10)

    okay its been 4 days lol time for the full version man xD

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  • gb cara_de_verga @ 2024-06-03 05:46:51 (+8)

    Bambook singlehandedly keeping the entire sex game industry moving forward, I love this guys games, bitches, animations, everything is top notch. Thx for the cumz Mr. Bambook

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  • no cookie @ 2024-06-02 09:16:31 (+13)

    we need a fuckerwoman

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  • nl Banusa @ 2024-06-01 12:10:14 (+10)

    You need to hire someone for the English translation, grammar doesn't make sense sometimes.

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  • us Neezus @ 2024-06-01 02:46:55 (+10)

    Been needing a new fuckerman game !

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  • us Taos @ 2024-06-01 10:21:26 (+3)

    Neezus, the world don't need another bad made fruckerman game.

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  • us Cool Nickname @ 2024-06-01 00:07:05 (+1)

    I can't move or anything... It just shows fuckerman sitting in a chair infront of the cop while a light swings back and forth. Any advice?

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  • fr Chack @ 2024-06-01 10:08:17

    Cool Nickname, press E button. If nothing works, try to switch keyboard to English layout

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  • us Cool Nickname @ 2024-06-02 01:26:53

    Chack, thx man

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  • se nobody @ 2024-05-31 19:21:02

    some parts of the game looks black and it removes sometimes it makes hard to play it i dont even see the items on the ground or the characters please fix it

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  • fr bambook @ 2024-06-01 10:16:48

    nobody, Try now. Most likely the problem was due to the type of the lighting and 3D objects.

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  • se nobody @ 2024-06-01 21:41:12

    bambook, still same bro it didnt fix

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  • ph V1p3r @ 2024-05-31 11:21:32 (+3)

    Mobile version when?

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  • ma Nickname @ 2024-06-01 13:37:06

    We need mobile version

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  • kz X2DGames @ 2024-05-31 04:37:43 (+3)

    Спасибо! :(=) Превью заметно короче обычного... :) Выдвижной ящик в столе Шерифа - видимо просто не нужен в превью? -"Убился" пытаясь достать то что в нём лежит, но оказалось, что пока это и не требуется... Громкость музыки в подвале (той что от Кевина Маклеода) - несравнима с основной темой :( В FuckOute - она была шикарна, но тут её почти не слышно :( Удачи, Бамбук! :)

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  • kz X2DGames @ 2024-05-31 04:39:14

    X2DGames, Всем - Сорри за страннейший смайлик, даже не знаю как он получился... :)

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  • fr bambook @ 2024-06-01 10:20:08 (+2)

    X2DGames, спасибо за объективную критику. Ящик больше не выдвигается:)

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  • kz X2DGames @ 2024-06-06 07:52:38 (+1)

    bambook, Еще раз Спасибо! :) Да, кстати, забыл написать в прошлый раз - на Патреоне пост о выходе превью от 30 мая, если не заходить в аккаунт, выглядит так: "download for Windows or download from google disk download for Mac if MEGA asks for some kind of key, use another browser!!! preview web ver..." - обрывается на самом важном, можно сказать, месте - ну, раз уж оно вообще для всех :)

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  • us bambook fan @ 2024-05-31 02:07:15 (+5)

    hope that we don't have to wait too long for the full version! looks great.

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  • us bambook fan @ 2024-05-31 02:08:09 (+1)

    hope that we don't have to wait too long for the full version! looks great so far.

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  • br Timmaianm @ 2024-05-30 21:46:17 (+28)

    we don't want fat women

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  • au 2323232323232323 @ 2024-05-31 05:06:47 (+11)

    Timmaianm, those dislikes are from fat women dw

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  • fr lerageuuu @ 2024-05-31 07:18:29 (+3)

    2323232323232323, yeah

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  • gb fatBitchEnjoyer @ 2024-06-03 05:45:13 (+2)

    Timmaianm, shut up, I love me a nice curvy bitch with humongous tits

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  • hu H @ 2024-05-30 18:06:00 (+9)

    Fuck, once we get the full version, it's gonna be so good! Bambook, you're the BEST!

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  • us Who @ 2024-05-30 17:12:52 (+4)

    I look forward to these

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  • vn shiro @ 2024-05-30 16:38:18 (+4)

    it so laggy

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  • hu brokey @ 2024-05-30 18:04:59 (+8)

    shiro, u shouldn't play on a potato...

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  • vn shiro @ 2024-06-01 18:02:20

    brokey, bruh im on a 3070ti and this just came out, is still on preview, how is it my fault

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