SnowStorm [v 0.7] [Restart]



  • sg Goodman @ 2023-11-19 11:35:38 (+2)

    The first game was good but hard to unlock all scene, wish this one can give player much more options and hints

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  • de Hellion @ 2023-07-23 20:08:52 (+2)

    great game so far , wait for new content

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  • us Marcos123 @ 2023-05-28 04:14:37 (+1)

    The "Affinity" gatherings points are definitely killing the vibes of this seriously you can have a whole conversation with someone just to find out your affinity with them did not increase..this in game mechanic is lame as hell though..why..anyways..Good work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update

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  • us Marcos123 @ 2022-11-06 18:16:21 (+5)

    Dude why don't you +1 point or -1 point affinity next to the dialogue choices as we progress the story..You don't really know how to increase Affinity till the game tells you so..and After so many updates,no sex scenes in my path playthrough..what the hell

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  • us Banjo @ 2022-08-28 04:12:19 (+3)

    What! Episode 1 is by far and away one of the GREATEST games on this site, and episode 2 is... THIS? This is BEYOND disappointing...

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  • de Katjablond @ 2022-08-23 16:04:00 (+2)

    OK. And again a game was split. What's up today. Can't you do everything in one game these days? Is it really that hard today? There are quite a few. Is because the PC or systems are worse than before. I'm not looking for part 1. until I can play that. 0 stars. BYE. End!!!!

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  • us Marcos123 @ 2022-04-28 01:44:03 (+2)

    Second update and we're still useless as the main this rate..we might turn into a Marco Polo soon of the vikings if all we will be doing is observing their norms and customs..I wasn't hoping for anything too thrilling but it's a bit stale at the moment with literally no actions still..y'all know what I mean lol..anyways..Good job dev(s)..will be looking forward till your next update

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  • gb Masoud @ 2022-03-30 11:26:45 (+2)

    Thanks again please plea

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  • us Marcos123 @ 2022-03-24 19:35:24 (+9)

    I kind of liked this..even though I didn't encounter no sex scenes at all..slow built up to it too..Vikings setting are always welcome,then that means future battles are to be expected to..Just don't turn this like the boring noble game on here..anyways..Good job dev(s)..will be looking forward till your next update

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  • us yoyo @ 2022-03-24 04:31:56 (+6)

    elden ring vibes

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  • ca Your high @ 2022-03-25 01:14:22 (+4)

    Not even remotely. lol

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  • us What @ 2022-03-25 05:00:39

    Your high, a lot of similarities

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